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REVIEW: Sure Football Banker Bets

In vip sure bet, we want to continue offering you the best information on the online betting sector most especially in soccer prediction. As you know, it is a world in constant evolution and that makes new things appear almost daily.

The followers of our website already know all the analyses that we offer often, either on the free football prediction tip section or on the best betting houses. Besides that, we do not give up to discover new and profitable strategies or novel concepts that make you take a step forward as players.

Throughout this article we will try to shed all the keys of this new concept that we bring you today. In addition, we will try to give you all the practical examples we can so that everything is even clearer. Finally, we will not stop recommending all those bookies in which it is easier to find these banker bets.

football banker bets

What are Football banker bets?

In Online Betting we want you to continue knowing all the secrets of the exciting and also incredibly complex world of sports betting. For this we are creating a whole section of strategies where you can get the answers to all the doubts you have and, of course, you can ask us all that you still have doubts. Well, in this article we are going to talk about banker bets, what they are and what they are for. You can get football bankers this weekend here.

In today's article we want to talk about the concept of betting banker, a term that will not sound new to many of you. Its first essential feature is that it is safe betting although leaving it there would be wrong because it is not entirely true. Banker bets are not sure bets, a concept that we have developed in depth in another of our articles. Nor is it about making combinations of fees with which we can make money safely. Nothing that has too much to do with the banker.

In general terms, we can say that banker bets are all those that the client chooses to make the odds of a single or a combined bet grow. The client does it because he has the conviction that this bet is easy and could hit it very easily

Soccer Banker bet is a good option because it is an easy bet that can help us earn more money. If we do it always, in theory, it should do more good than harm, in a long run, since there are more chances of hitting than of failing. However, if we use it as a method to double our money from time to time, because we are not yet convinced by a simple or combined bet. It can be dangerous, since sometimes the risk is increased more than the possible profit.

How to Know a sure Soccer banker bets?

After the first approach we have made to understand the term “banker” bets we must continue digging. These bets are those that we can consider simpler or that we will be able to guess more safely. Its main function is to multiply the value of the corresponding simple quota although they are also valid for combined and system bets.

The best thing is that we see how the banker works with practical examples and we will start by multiplying the odds in both the simple and combined bets. Imagine that we have a simple bet that offers a 3 odds fee. Surely you are thinking that it is a good odd and even so, you see that this result is almost certain. The ease we see in producing the result that interests us most makes us believe that we can earn much more if we make a banker bet and convert our simple bet into a combination. This is the move that we must make to go in search of the banker bets and all part of the belief that we have that we cannot fail.

Being so sure of a result is not easy, so some very obvious conditions must be met for us to launch. Many of the players who use the banker bet do so in events with enormous inequality. These can be a duel between the first and last classified in the league, for example. Following this simple strategy, what we will achieve is to multiply the odds that was offered to us in the beginning and to choose to make us much more money with our success.

A practical example of this type of banker bet

We are going to use a practical example of soccer. As you know, we are facing the real sport king also in sports betting and the degree of general knowledge of users is higher so we believe that it will be more efficient.

Let's imagine that FC Barcelona arrives at their league appointment at the Riazor stadium against Deportivo after having chained 8 consecutive victories. As if that were not enough, the Galician team is not going through its best moment with several defeats in the last matches played and several casualties in its ranks. The status of favourite of Barca is indisputable and the odd offered for his triumph is 1.50.

The odd is correct, but we think that the result is more than evident, so we are in a position to be able to earn more. Because of this, we will look to make a banker bet and that is where another game must come into play. We reviewed the day of First Division and we see that Real Madrid receives Betis at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. The odds just reach 1.06, but it is perfect to use it within our banker strategy as it will serve to multiply the quota of the other party.

A question that always hovers over banker bets is whether it really is worth taking the risk. This is the position of many analysts because the growth of the quota is not too great and, obviously, the risk increases. To jump the surprise and not give the results that we need, the entire strategy of the banker bet would go to the rack. Like almost everything in sports betting online, these types of decisions are very personal and will depend on your intentions and objectives. Only you can decide if you want to take risks or not with this strategy.

Another one of the big dangers that the banker bets contain and that you should know is that the betting houses are the first ones that know of their existence. That is why, in many cases, they will place the odds in such a way that they make you believe that the result in question is much easier than what was presumed. This strategy of the companies has biting the hook to many customers who have ended up losing their bets for this reason.

In sport, no result is completely safe no matter how much difference there may be on paper or slip. Meditate well the use of these bets and assess whether the risk you assume will be compensated or not by the growth of the quota that you offer.

Banker Bet to multiply Odds

We have a simple bet with a 1.60 odd. It is not a bad quota because we see that the result we have put is almost certain. However, we see it so easy that we think we can make more money by placing a banker bet and converting this simple bet into a combination. We are looking for a banker bet, that is, one that we believe is almost impossible to fail. For example, that a Top Ten player wins in the first round of Roland Garros or that the team that goes first in the qualifying table wins the last one in his own home. In this way we multiply the quota and we can earn more money.

Let's give an example to see it better:

Atlético de Madrid is on a roll and plays against Celta de Vigo in Galicia. The fee is 1.60 for the fact of playing outside, but we know that it is very feasible that the rojiblanco team wins in Vigo. However, although the fee is fair, we want to earn more money, so to multiply it we look for a banker bet and we find that FC Barcelona plays against Alavés in their field. The fee is low, 1.08, but it is a very clear banker bet so we put it as a banker bet to multiply the quota of our party.

It's a good option? Well obviously depends on the result. However, the share of the banker bet is usually small, so the fee will not go much higher and the risk is still there. In fact, the risk is often greater than what the increase in the quota makes us believe.

So we have to if the victory of Atlético de Madrid is paid 1.60 and that of Barça to 1.08, the quota remains at 1.728. Is it worth the risk? This is valuable, but often not. In fact, it is obvious that many bookies know about the use of banker bets and manage the odds to make bettors think that betting is easier than it is. And yes, many bets have been lost because of the banker bets. Who has not happened? And yes, then we pull each other's hair. Moreover, the example set of Barça is on purpose, since the Alavés, a recently promoted, has won this season a whole Barcelona at the Camp Nou.

The same can be said of a combination of two or more parties. Successful combinations. with juicy odds, that have been lost by banker bets that were only, in theory, to multiply quota, since they were sure results, or so we thought. Yes, in Spanish there is a saying about it, although we doubt that it was done thinking about the banker bets: 'Avarice breaks the sack'.

How to Apply Football Banker Bets in Betting Systems?

sure soccer banker bets

In our "soccer prediction" section you can review all the characteristics of this type of bets. Also in them you will be able to incorporate the banker, either in all combinations, or only in some. The function played by the banker in this type of betting is exactly the same as we have seen before: raise the odds to which we opted. What is sought at all times is to improve our profits with the lowest possible risk. However, as we have indicated to you on so many occasions, the risk is always there and there is no strategy that can always work.

We are going to once again use an invented example to see if we can understand better what the banker would be in these cases. We see that in the league day there are 3 games in which odds of 1.70, 1.80 and 2.00 are offered, respectively. The banker we have at our disposal is 1.30 so it is evident that it seems easier. What is sought is to use a betting system with which we can continue to earn something even if we fail one of the chosen results. A lot of attention to this. The only selection that we cannot fail under any circumstances is the banker. If we do, our entire strategy would collapse. Failing the banker is failing everything else.

In the event that we are analysing, it would be enough if we hit the banker and two more selections to achieve profits. Obviously, our earnings will vary depending on how many and which are the selections that we make, since, as we have seen, the quotas are very different.

If the strategy goes well, we will have managed to multiply our results thanks to the use of banker bets. As we pointed out before, the risk increases with the banker. It could happen that we have guessed all the selections of the combination but, having failed the banker, everything else does not count and what we have added would be losses. In your hand is, once again, to decide what is best for you.

In the Betting Systems you can also choose a banker bet that is played in all combinations or in at least some of them. It has the same function as in the simple bets that we want to combine or in the combined ones where we want to raise the quota. That is to say, to win more with a minimum risk, in principle. But as with the previous section, it can also be dangerous to use it.

Let's give an example so that we understand it. We have three games with odds of 1.80, 1.90 and 2.00 and a banker in which the fee is 1.30 (that is, easier). We want to make a betting system that allows us to have the possibility of failing one and keep earning some money, except, of course, the banker, which we can never fail. In this case, we have chosen to make three triple combination bets.

  1. 80 X 1.90 X 1.30 (banker)
  2. 80 X 2.00 X 1.30 (banker)
  3. 90 X 2.00 X 1.30 (banker)

If we put € 10 (3,500 naira) in each bet, we would be left with the multiplied odds:

  1. € 10 X 4.446
  2. € 10 X 4.68
  3. € 10 X 4.94

As you can see, the only one that we cannot fail is the banker, because if we do, we automatically fail all of them. But of course, it is a banker, so you cannot fail in theory. If we hit the banker and two more we will make a profit. So, if we fail the 1.80 (we would only guess bet number 3) we would have a profit of € 19.4. If we fail, the 1.90 (we would only guess bet number 2) we would have a profit of € 16.8 and if we fail the 2.00 (we would only guess bet number 1) we would have a profit of € 14.46.

In this way, we have managed to multiply the odd with the banker bet and thus also have more benefits. Of course, it would not be the first time we hit the three difficult bets and we missed the easy one, right? Well, there's the problem.

What are the best bookmakers for soccer banker bets?

At https://vipsurebet.com we believe that our work would not be complete if we simply define what banker bets are and what they are. We want to go a step further and for that it is necessary that we talk a little bit about all those betting houses in which we think that the use of the banker could be interesting.

These are, in our opinion, your best options for the use of banker bets:

  • Bet9jaWhich is, undoubtedly, the great reference of the online game market in Nigeria, and they offer you innumerable options to use banker bets in sports and events that you like the most. With bet9ja, there are no limits to fun and the combinations of bets that you can make are endless. A lot of attention to their magnificent odds, but be careful because it is a company of enormous level and experience and it is not easy to find great bargains.
  • Meerybet: The growth that this bookie is experiencing is absolutely sensational. We have already highlighted in many of our articles its magnificent sports offer and we believe that this is the main value of merrybet for you to make use of banker bets. Taking a brief look at their menu will give you the idea of ​​the importance of it so only you can mark the limit to your bets and your ambition to earn more.
  • Nairabet: Another of the big companies worldwide that we could not and did not want to stop recommending you. From the moment you decide to become a Nairabet customer, you will be able to check out the sensational sports menu they have for you. Take advantage of your bonuses and offers and do not stop using your banker bets here too. With Nairabet, the chances of winning much more are always the order of the day.
  • Betfair: Sure you all know the great uniqueness of this company. With Betfair, your goal will not be to beat the bookmaker, but you will have to outbid the rest of your clients. Betfair is a huge challenge and challenge for your customers and that should encourage you to use whenever you want banker bets.


Before talking about some of the most prominent betting houses where you can use banker bets, we will definitely try to close our explanation of them.

In general, our opinion about football banker bets is that they are a great opportunity to improve your results. It is an easy bet and that could earn you more. Looking at it in perspective, we believe that it is an option that can make you win in the long term since you will always guess more easy results than others. The truth is that you must think of soccer banker bets as a long-term strategy because in the short the risks are multiplied. We have already told you that this is because, in many cases, the possible profit will not compensate for the risk you run.

Our advice is that it is one more option and that you would do well to take it into account and also to try it. As we always tell you, do it with serenity and with your feet on the ground since nothing is safe and, despite its apparent ease, failures will also arrive. Beware of this because the simplicity that is presumed makes errors weigh more in our mind and we end up forgetting this type of bets.

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